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Featured STEP ND Activity: Marketing your Company with Virtual Reality

Give international customers a tour of your facility, let them see the crops growing in the field or get an in-depth view of your product — all without travel and language barriers. That is a virtual reality tour. STEP ND is now reimbursing companies up to $3,000 for virtual reality (VR) projects related to international marketing. A virtual reality tour is created by filming your location or product with special cameras and processing the footage into 360° digital media. VR tours are typically accessible via website, an emailed link or social media. By clicking a button, international customers may experience an engaging, interactive tour using a headset and smart phone. It’s an exciting tool to differentiate your company from the competition and build a personal connection with buyers. Apply for STEP ND reimbursement before you begin a VR project by filling out and submitting the STEP ND Company Application and the STEP ND Marketing Application.

A local company currently providing virtual reality services is Be More Colorful, based in Fargo.