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ExportND Program Guidelines

  • The company applicant must be a member of the North Dakota Trade Office
  • All projects must support a new export market and fit with the goal of expanding international business.
  • Before a company is eligible for ExportND, all eligible state and federal funding programs available to the company, managed by NDTO, must be exhausted first.
  • Awarded funds will only be used for those activities included in the project budget and aligned with international exports.
  • No funds will be used for activities occurring prior to written or electronic approval notification by the NDTO.
  • The applicant will comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Applicants must be in good standing with their respective Secretary of States Office

This award will support the activities below, either as a single activity or in combination with the others mentioned below.

  • International Focused Sales Trips
  • Exhibiting at International Tradeshows
  • International Market Research
  • Compliance Testing for International Markets
  • Shipping Samples to International Markets
  • Marketing Media and Design for International Markets
  • Website Localization
  • Translation

If you are interested in an export activity not included on this list, please reach out to with details.

A maximum of $5000 for each company will be awarded. This maximum can be spread across multiple projects that can all be submitted in one application per application window.

Complete the application forms provided. This includes Company Information, New Market Entry Information, Activity Outline, and Budget Detail. Complete the forms as fully and accurately to the best of your knowledge.

  • Company Information: Supply company information, contact details, and industry.
  • New Market Entry Information: Provide detailed descriptions of the export plans into a new market and, if funds are granted, how the project will impact the company.
  • Activity Outline: Define the activity type, timeline, anticipated sales, and goals.
  • Budget Detail: Clearly outline the anticipated cost to demonstrate this activity has been well planned.

Late applications will not be considered in this round of funding but may be resubmitted for future use with updated timelines.

All submissions should be sent to as one attachment no later than December 18, 2023, by 5 pm central time.

The NDTO team will review and rate applications based on the following criteria, with a up to 100 points possible. The top applications will be awarded with funding up to $5000.00.

Project Description (20 points)

The project description is clear with strong evidence of careful planning, thought and research to support their global business needs. Details are provided relating to specific goals and outcomes.

Demonstration of Need (20 points)

The company must provide details on how it has/will be utilized the federal and state funding available to them prior to the submission of this request. In addition, the company must demonstrate how it will continue pursuing new export opportunities, build relationships, find additional resources, and grow its business with these additional funding sources.

Export Readiness/Potential(20 Points)

The business should have a clear plan and strategy for exporting its products or services, including knowledge of the target market, competition, and regulatory requirements. In addition, the company should demonstrate that its products or services have the potential to be competitive in the target market and generate significant export sales.

Budget(20 points)

The budget outlines in detail the anticipated expenses that are realistic and researched. They must include specifics based on the activity. This may include but is not limited to international travel, contracts, vendors, etc.

Past Program Use (10 points)

Preferential treatment will be given to companies that have not utilized the Export ND program in the past. Also, these points will be awarded to those who applied for previous rounds of ExportND but were not awarded based on the number of applications and scoring criteria. Length of membership with the NDTO may also be considered. 

New Market Entry (10 points)

Preferential treatment will be given to companies that will be entering the defined market for the first time with this specific project. No sales or business has been made in this market prior. The new market must be outlined in the application. While ExportND does allow for projects to grow into new markets, it wants to prioritize entering a new market for the very first time with this funding opportunity.

Awardees will be notified via email to the main contact listed on the grant information. Notifications will be provided no later than January  2, 2024, for this funding cycle.

Post-activity reports and Reimbursement Requests will be due within 30 days of the activities’ completion. No reimbursements will be accepted 30 days after the grant cycle ends on June 30, 2024.

All reimbursements require receipts of the activities with the exception of international per diem meal rates. All other receipts are required and must be submitted. Please submit copies of these documents, and do not submit originals.

The post-activity report will include actual sales data, anticipated sales data, and specific activity-related questions (number of meetings, outcomes, and project successes). This data may also be requested one year after the grant deadline to understand the funds’ impact. This reporting is required based on receiving these funds.

Please send any questions via email to or call 701-929-6703.

For additional questions, please contact email Rebecca Ferderer at or by calling 701-929-6703.