About Us

Empowering People to Expand Trade

The North Dakota Trade Office (NDTO) is a membership-based, private/public partnership that provides education, research, engagement, advocacy, and expertise so that North Dakota companies develop their export business.

NDTO is dedicated to expanding trade partnerships between North Dakota and the world and does so by facilitating business between North Dakota’s global companies and their clients through programs and services including Trade Missions, Reverse Trade Missions and the annual Big Iron Farm Show’s International Visitors Program. NDTO also provides educational tools for North Dakota companies and other international business professionals.

As a non-profit organization, the NDTO has no financial stake in the business opportunities it serves to develop.

NDTO is a member-based company comprised of manufacturers, distributors, processors and service providers of:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Value Added Crops and Seed
  • Aviation Equipment and Services
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Medical Equipment and Services
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Energy

NDTO Programs and Resources:

  • Trade Missions & Reverse Missions
  • Big Iron International Visitors Program
  • Export Management Course
  • Trade Talks
  • Export Assistant Programs
  • Networking Events
  • Advocacy Programs
World Contacts

What does trade mean to North Dakota?

Trade = Jobs

North Dakota Exports by the Numbers:


Trade supports nearly 120,300 jobs in North Dakota

$8.1 Billion

North Dakota exported $8.1 Billion in merchandise in 2020


85% of North Dakota exporters consist of small – and medium-sized companies with less than 500 workers


North Dakota merchandise is exported to 173 countries


1 in 3 acres of agricultural product is exported


Foreign-owned companies employ over 12,000 workers in North Dakota