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Take Advantage NDTO’s Global Business Expo

Have your company take part in a worldwide trade show, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Be sure your company is included in the NDTO Global Business Expo. 

Our website includes a business expo, which is a unique and versatile approach that allows companies to showcase their products in a trade show-like format.  This service is free to members and available to non-members on a fee basis.  The expo serves as a global resource for our country representatives, member and non-member companies, their products and NDTO.  

If your company has not yet taken advantage of this unique marketing opportunity, now is the time.  NDTO now offers Global Business Expo tutorials through our website; with a few clicks, you could be managing our own trade show booth from the comfort of your office. 

Through this highly interactive service, you will have the opportunity to exchange information and ideas with fellow exhibiting companies as well as update potential prospects on the latest products and services you have available, in real time. 

Reaching out to a new market?  Upload your translated marketing materials to the Global Business Expo and direct your prospective clients to your online trade booth.  The Global Business Expo allows companies to display catalogs, brochures, demonstration videos, product images and many other marketing materials in English and other languages.

In today’s world of the Internet, it has become more difficult to meet face-to-face with your clients and prospects.  Between those in-person meetings, reach out through the Global Business Expo. 

NDTO Global Business Expo Features
– Online business expo
– 24/7
– Free to NDTO Members
– Streaming videos
– Social networking friendly, links, logos
– Fishbowl lead generation
– Step-by-step booth set up instructions 

Click here to access the online tutorials and start populating your booth today!  To receive login information for your booth or for additional assistance, contact Lindsey Warner at 701-231-1154 or lindsey@ndto.com.