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NDTO News Article

Specialty Crop Program Results

The North Dakota Trade Office’s Specialty Crop Programs have yielded fantastic results so far as North Dakota companies continue to market their specialty crops – beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils and more – to various markets abroad. The Specialty Crop Programs’ returns on investment have reached over 3,800%, with more sales on the way. Additional details are as follows.

The Specialty Crop Program of 2014 provided funding for trade missions to Italy, Croatia, Colombia, Israel, Egypt and India, as well as a reverse trade mission from Colombia. The Specialty Crop Program of 2015 has included an outbound trade mission and reverse trade mission with Colombian buyers. To date, NDTO’s Specialty Crop Programs have achieved overall returns on investment from 24:1 to 38:1. In several markets, estimated future sales are expected to double.

The NDTO follows a trade mission model that combines research, in-country partners and an expert advisory team to identify international opportunities with potential for high returns on investment. State government involvement is also key, with government officials traveling with and advocating on behalf of North Dakota exporters during three out of the five outbound specialty crop missions.

NDTO is currently administering specialty crop grant funds from 2015 and 2016, with future trade missions to the Philippines, Peru and Dominican Republic in the works.

Interested parties may contact NDTO at (701) 231-1150 or for more information on participating in upcoming specialty crop trade missions.