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Using Databases to Meet your Global Needs

Have you ever used one of NDTO’s database systems? These tools support ND exporters navigate some of the challenges with data, research and verification. In support of ND exporters and part of the NDTO membership, access to up-to-date databases and research is available at your fingertips. Maybe you are a new member who wants to dive into exporting or a long-time member company looking for new opportunities; this guide can help you. There is access to information from four databases to help with your global strategy. Two databases are directly accessible from the NDTO membership portal, and for the others, you will work closely with the NDTO team for customized reporting.

Database with Direct Member Access

Direct access through the membership portal database page includes A to Z World Trade and Kompass.  For access, log into the membership portal and click on the Databases tab to be directed to A to Z World Trade.

A to Z World Trade: A comprehensive database full of country-specific information and of trade and logistics information. These tools are utilized to create country profiles and protocol sheets for trade missions and foreign travelers. This resource also provides users with in-depth country overviews, historical context,  nuances of business culture, and even detailed taxation.

A to Z World Trade is great for learning:

    • Key aspects of exporting from the US and information about specific destinations
    • International travel and trade mission participation to understand nuances of how to do business in-country
    • Research for potential markets on business culture and tendencies

When using this tool, you will find information sectioned by country and tabs with more detailed information on topics including communication style, economy and trade, business culture, seaports, security, investment climate, history, and more.


Kompass: An online directory of more than 60 million companies in 70+ countries worldwide. Kompass is beneficial for companies that are:

    • Looking for distributors of your products overseas.
    • Searching for specific entities to verify the potential partner company
    • Assess different options for your business partners to understand market penetration and reach

This database is most commonly used to search for specific companies or product types. Using the different search features, either “New Search or “Search for a Company” will provide filters to define information and drill down into each specific entity or product. Here are some helpful hints:

For a specific searchs:

    • The first filter is to select the trading sector. NDTO team recommends users select “Kompass classification” to make the search easier. Users could also utilize keywords search to narrow down the items to trade.
        • If you are looking for wholesale buyers, search “Retail” or “wholesale” may help you.
    • The second filter is to narrow down the location of interest.
    • With the third filter, select company size.

If you are having trouble with either of these databases and results, please do not hesitate to reach out the NDTO for assistance. We offer the flexibility to provide these tools for your use, but we are also happy to assist with finding appropriate information.

Access through the NDTO staff

WISER Trade: This is a statistical database of imports and exports with historical data to analyze international markets by country and commodities. The NDTO team uses this database to generate reports and up-to-date information on trade statistics. The  “Data Analysis Reports” includes information from WISER Trade with “Top 10 USA Export Country Report” showing the current market size by USD and “Demand Market Penetration Analysis Report” to identify the highest potential market for specific products. Our expert team generates these reports for member companies to ease your workload. We generate a simple yet specific two-to-three page report based on individualized commodities. If your company could not identify current or future export markets while preparing the Member Export Roadmap, reach out to Jiwon Kim at jiwon@ndto.com for your personalized “Data Analysis Report.”


Visual Compliance: A database to make sure your business partner is reputable. Restricted Party Screening offered by Visual Compliance scans orders from the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), optionally GSA Federal Procurement Exclusions, and other official government and law enforcement lists. When new potential partner companies reach out, it is best practice to understand their legitimacy and whether they are legal companies. This screening database provides an added layer of confidence to ensure your business supports reputable and upstanding companies internationally. If you skip this step before trading, you may end up with fraudulent activity or serious penalties, including fines, loss of export privileges, or even times behind bars. The “Restricted Party Screening” research is not a one-time check, as the system is often updated. Ideally, a company should perform this screening at multiple points in the sales cycle.

The NDTO, in support of ND exporters, draws from a variety of sources for data and market research, some of which are open and available to all users. NDTO staff are always here as a resource and to help you. If you have any questions, feel free to connect with NDTO at info@ndto.com for our team of global experts.