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How to Train North Dakota Employees in International Exporting

North Dakota companies often see growth opportunities in global markets, but lack the skill set and resources to make it happen. The result is reactively selling to international customers who find them, rather than taking a proactive and strategic approach to identifying their best opportunities. Customized training is needed in order to accelerate growth in global markets.

Why should North Dakota companies receive export training?


Export Training and Resources Available Through the ExporTech ™  Program

For more information about the 2015 ExporTech Program, click here.

What is the ExporTech Program?
ExporTech is a program designed by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s U.S. Commercial Service (USCS) and Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) programs to introduce or expand companies in global markets. In North Dakota, ExporTech is a collaboration between Impact ND (formerly Dakota MEP), the USCS, and the North Dakota Trade Office (NDTO). ExporTech is the “how-to” program that helps small- or medium-sized companies enter or expand into global markets by assisting in the development of an international growth plan customized specifically for a business. Utilizing a team of export experts, ExporTech helps companies move quickly beyond planning, into actual, profitable export sales. The program offers detailed guidance – all in one place – on the variety of elements critical for executing an exporting program, from banking and financing to freight forwarding, licensing, and strategy.

How ExporTech™ Works
The program combines group workshops with individual coaching for each company, leading to an export plan in just 9 weeks. The peer group model, limited to leaders from 4-8 companies, maximizes impact and propels action. The innovative customized workshops avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’ and help companies extract the specific information they need. Finally, the program builds connections to a team of export organizations that help participating companies go-to-market and implement their export growth plans. ExporTech amplifies the impact of other export programs, helping companies get the most out of tradeshows, matchmaking services, country

ExporTech Process

Who should participate?
The program is intended for executives of small and mid-size product companies, and is aimed at both new-to-export companies and those that have done some exporting but have not fully exploited global opportunities.

“Any company that is either considering international business or is an experienced exporter should think seriously about participating in ExporTech. It’s all about the strategic thought process and how you best plan to maximize your effectiveness.”

             Robert Sinner, SB&B Foods, Casselton, ND

What do employees get out of the ExporTech Program?
This program offers concrete benefits that go beyond most international business and exporting programs:

  • The content is customized to employees’ specific learning needs
  • The program delivers an ‘account team’ of resources to help employees rapidly move from planning to actual sales and payment
  • The international strategies and success factors covered are based on real-world company research
  • Speed to market is accelerated, as a robust plan is developed in 9 weeks, and actual leads and sales follow soon thereafter
  • Quantifiable cost savings are achieved as employees efficiently connect with reputable resources, receive consultations that would normally cost thousands of dollars to obtain on their own, and radically reduce the overhead required to find qualified assistance
  • Chances for success are higher, with a vetted international growth plan and the right resources behind each employee.

Results of ExporTech in North Dakota

  • Since 2009, there have been 9 ExporTech programs facilitated by the NDTO
  • According to the U.S. Commercial Service in North Dakota, there have been 74 export transactions as a result of companies participating in ExporTech, with a value of $10,619,027. These were transactions from 17 different companies in 30 different countries.
  • North Dakota sales from ExporTech have created or maintained 59 jobs within the state, according to the US Department of Commerce with one job maintained or created for every $180,000 of exports.

National Results of ExporTech

  • On average, participating companies generate $770,000 in new export sales
  • Many companies generate export sales within 6 months of completing the program
  • The average participant reported cost and investment savings of $50,000
  • The average company created 5 new jobs
  • Since 2007, total program impact has been nearly $400 Million in increased or retained sales

In conclusion, ExporTech assists North Dakota businesses in increasing export sales, increasing employee skill and earning potential, establishing new partnerships, and innovating and expanding into new technologies. Expansion into export creates significant career opportunities for North Dakota residents, ExporTech provides the training to achieve results.

“ExporTech was an invaluable experience. We were able to collaborate with local businesses going into similar international countries with non-competitive products. 

             Brian Brasch, Branick Industries, Fargo, ND