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Member Profile: Dyna Flo Inc.

Many North Dakotans know that living here is not always glamorous. It’s full of hard-working experts that solve everyday problems and keep moving forward to get the job done. Dana Rosendahl, owner and designer of Dyna Flo Inc. in Oakes, ND, has that same drive to survive. General Irrigation and Dewatering is Rosendahl’s primary business, with more than forty years of water systems experience. Out of the increased need for pumping water away from ditches, fields, and construction sites, Rosendahl thought he could build a more powerful, more portable, and versatile pump to serve a variety of purposes.

Dyna Flo, short for Dynamic Flow, was born in 2009. The pump was just as described – easy to use, portable, and highway legal. The pump was initially used as a piece of rental equipment for General Irrigation during the wet seasons, but as farmers and construction sites saw the need for the DynaFlo pump, it became more and more popular. 

Updates and improvements have been made to the original pump over the years, such as increased usability, variable speeds, and increased durability. Additional exterior stationary pumps and portable float pump products have been added to the DynaFlo product line. Each iteration is built out of need, and with their extensive knowledge in pumps, water, and a good sensibility, the products are made to last. Because they are made the right way, Rosendahl says, they have persevered. “Field drainage is our most popular. It’s our niche market,” says Rosendahl, “the pumps can use the same impeller from 5 to 20 hours power, and it can push water in many cases as far as 3000 feet.” That impresses a lot of people, he says with pride.

Dyna Flo has increased its reach globally, with dealerships in Canada, and more recently, Australia. They learned a lot from their Australian sales trip, funded through STEP ND. Rosendahl and his wife put on more than 2000 miles across the Australian countryside, meeting with five dealerships, a few site visits, and connecting with some business partners along the way. Unfortunately, their visit to establish dealerships for their pumps was followed by a significant drought, a series of devastating wildfires, and a global pandemic. Demand for their pumps has been lower than anticipated due to the needs and priorities of recent global events.

Rosendahl shared some lessons learned from his trip to Australia and what he would do differently in the future. “I would have engaged more government. We thought with the contacts we had. We would be all set.” He goes on to explain that involving the government officials may have made the trip more meaningful. “There would have been more of a media splash,” he says, hoping to get a few more eyes on the pumps, which can also be used in many government projects. Shipping to Australia was different from shipping overland to Canada, with many more rules and regulations to follow. Rosendahl also recommended not to be afraid to reach out to the media, “let everyone you can know what you are doing. You never know who could show up.”

Speaking with both Dana and son, Ryan Rosendahl, they explained their ability to pivot and keep busy throughout every season. With their experience in both irrigation and draining, wet or dry, the Rosendahl’s have a balance to their business that keeps them operating for the long-run.

The future for DynaFlo includes establishing a more stable dealer network and continued improvement on the pump systems. For more information on DynaFlo, visit