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NDTO News Article

International Delegate Eager to Learn from ND at Big Iron IVP

Visitors from all over the globe are eager to learn about agriculture, technology, and machinery from ND. On September 11 through September 14, an audience of international delegates will sweep the Fargo area for this year’s Big Iron International Visitors Program (IVP) hosted by the North Dakota Trade Office (NDTO). The event features four days packed with events, including farm, dealership, and technology tours, as well as a whole day dedicated to the Big Iron Farm Show in West Fargo, ND.

Lindsey Warner, the Deputy Director of NDTO, is excited to welcome the  international delegations to ND and says “Despite continued challenges with travel, we have several engaged delegations that recognized the wealth of knowledge in this area that can benefit their home countries while also supporting many ND companies.” She goes on to say, “The potential for collaboration between North Dakota businesses and our international guests is significant. We look forward to facilitating these partnerships that will develop throughout the week.”

The Big Iron IVP attracts delegates from around the world who seek solutions and cutting-edge equipment for their agricultural operations. The desire for in-person interactions and hands-on experiences with ND’s agricultural leaders is great. Delegations from diverse nations, including Angola, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Malawi, and Tanzania, are expected to attend. Their goal is to gain insights and knowledge about innovative products to enhance productivity and modernize their agricultural practices. These international delegates are not passive observers; they are on a mission to explore equipment options for their operations and establish connections with ND’s manufacturers and dealers.

For over 15 years, NDTO has been facilitating this unique gathering, bringing international visitors together with ND’s thriving agricultural sector. The Big Iron IVP offers an immersive experience like no other, with assistance from the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS), NDTO ensures a seamless and mutually beneficial experience for all participants.

The Big Iron IVP Pavilion at the show includes a dedicated International Visitors Pavilion, where delegates can network with industry leaders. This program, distinct from traditional trade shows, resembles a reverse trade mission, characterized by NDTO’s customized approach and the various opportunities it offers, including a variety of farm tours, dealership visits, networking events, and educational programs. Overall, the Big Iron Farm Show on the Red River Valley Fairgrounds hosts over 900 exhibits and is an extensive showcase for delegates to access the latest innovations in farm machinery, agricultural technology, and agribusiness services.

The Big Iron IVP, serves as a catalyst for forging meaningful connections that often lead to lasting partnerships and collaborations in the agricultural sector. In 2022, ND’s export of industrial and agricultural machinery and parts exceeded $560 million, underscoring the state’s high-quality products and remarkable global outreach.

In international business, relationships are crucial, and the Big Iron IVP provides the ideal platform for these connections to develop. As the world continues to look to ND for agricultural innovation, this event demonstrates the power of collaboration and the potential that emerges when minds unite across borders. It’s where ideas take root, innovations thrive, and relationships sow the seeds of prosperity.


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