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Top Reasons to Attend the Big Iron International Visitors Program

Below is a list of the top 5 reasons to attend the Big Iron International Visitors Program, For registration, hotel information and more click here.

1) Exclusive Programming & Receptions
The Big Iron Farm Show runs annually from Tuesday through Thursday.  Each year, on the Monday prior to the opening of the Big Iron Farm Show, the North Dakota Trade Office and US Commercial Service hold special programming for our international guests participating in the Big Iron International Visitor’s Program (or Big Iron IVP).  This year, international guests will have the opportunity to tour a farm and learn about the farming practices used in our region. Additionally, there are two receptions specifically for international visitors held on both Monday and Tuesday evening.

2) Specialized Tours Allow Participants to see North Dakota Agriculture at WorkIMG_2464
While trade shows are a great way to see a variety of products at once, at the Big Iron IVP we understand that sometimes seeing the dealership or manufacturing facility and the agricultural technology in the field is important.  That’s why we hold specialized tours each year, with different focuses, to allow international guests to see North Dakota machinery at work, whether it’s a tour of one of our member’s dealerships or an educations session on a specific crop, we can assure our international visitors that they will learn about our agricultural technology on a deeper level.

IMG_21123) Networking with State Leaders
Agriculture has always been a driving force in North Dakota’s economy, and our state leaders are proud of this heritage.  Because of this, our state leaders are frequently involved in the Big Iron IVP.  This is an opportunity for our international guests to be officially welcomed to North Dakota by our leaders, because our state truly appreciates your visit.

_MG_59934) Hotel Support & Free Ground Transportation
One of the most difficult aspects of being in rural United States is getting from your hotel to the places where business deals happen.  During the Big Iron IVP, we partner with specific hotels to make the hotel booking process east. Additionally, we provide large tour buses for transportation to ensure that you can get to the Big Iron Farm Show and to facilities without any worries.  And, don’t worry about paying for this transportation – it’s on us.

_MG_64205) International Visitors Pavilion
Last, but certainly not least, the Big Iron IVP has a designated International Visitors’ Pavilion for our global guests to call home at the Big Iron Farm Show.  In this Pavilion you will find coffee, water, snacks, free WiFi, private meeting space and – most importantly – warmth.  Additionally, if you need access to an interpreter, this is where you will find them waiting for you.

Our goal is to make the Big Iron International Visitor’s Program as successful as possible for our international guests as well as our North Dakota companies.  And, in typical North Dakota fashion, we want you to feel ‘at home’ and comfortable during your visit here.

For more information on the event, including participating hotels, agenda and registration, please click here.

We hope to see you at Big Iron IVP soon!