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Exporter Services

The North Dakota Trade Office is a public-private partnership dedicated to expanding trade through advocacy, education and expertise.

The Trade Office and its network of International Business Resources provide a full range of services to assist North Dakota’s emerging and experienced global businesses throughout the export process.

“I am telling you, you guys are GREAT!  You really help us get around the world quickly!  I very much appreciate what you do for us and look forward to what is in store.
Stacy Anthony
Brandt Holdings Company
Fargo, N.D.

Export Service Offering

  • Trade Education, Outreach and Advocacy
  • International Market Research
  • Trade Mission Management
  • International Business Consulting
  • Export
  • International Business Resource Network
Trade Education, Outreach and Advocacy

The Trade Office is committed to helping North Dakota businesses succeed in the global marketplace. Toward that goal, we provide regular educational opportunities and technical training courses. In addition, the Trade Office advocates on behalf of businesses that help strengthen the state’s economy through exports. Our education, outreach and advocacy services include:

  • Trade Talk seminars – These regular educational events feature Trade Office staff and global business professionals from throughout the United States and the world. Topics include global market opportunities, tax strategies for exporters, securing capital for export growth and many others. Visit the Events section to learn more about our educational and training programs.
  • Export Management Certificate Course – This accredited, 11-week training course is available to business leaders and upper-level university students who want to learn the critical elements of operating an export business. Available at North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota.
  • Exporters and the business professionals who serve them can market their products and services in any foreign country through the Trade Office’s Global Business Expo. This on-line marketing tool can display catalogs, demonstration videos, special product promotions and other marketing materials in English or any other language, allowing you to cater to customers and potential customers in any market around the world. View our Membership Directory here.
  • Webinars - We want to assist all emerging and experienced exporters in North Dakota. We regularly provide interactive, on-line seminars and training. Visit the Events section for more information about up-coming Webinars.
  • Attend our Global Business Conference to hear from the world’s leading global business professionals; to connect with other exporters and our network of export service providers and to participate in training and education programs. The Global Business Conference is held every two years.
  • The Trade Office maintains regular communications with business leaders to inform them of global business issues and opportunities. Click here to subscribe to our free on-line mailings.
  • The Trade Office has developed strong relationships with state and federal lawmakers and many agencies and organizations that assist North Dakota exporters around the world.

The Trade Office offers memberships to emerging and experience exporters and to private industry professionals who service exporters. For more information about the benefits of a Trade Office membership, call us today.

International Market Research

A Trade Office membership affords you access to global business professionals who can help you:

  • Identify and evaluate global market opportunities and challenges
  • Identify and qualify potential customers, best-suited distributors and other prospective business partners

The Trade Office employs a trained market research specialist and subscribes to databases that provide valuable market information to help you succeed in the global marketplace. The Trade Office’s market analysis team includes:

  • Sharon May, market research specialist and licensed customs broker
  • Contract staff specializing in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Korea and China - key markets for many North Dakota industries
  • Other Trade Office account managers who specialize in agribusiness, export finance and other business areas
  • A strong partnership with the U.S. Commercial Service, with offices in Fargo and nearly 80 foreign countries
Trade Mission Management

The Trade Office and U.S. Commercial Service develop and coordinate trade missions from North Dakota to foreign countries with significant business opportunities for North Dakota products and services. The Trade Office also develops and coordinates ‘reverse trade missions’ that enable our exporters to host key foreign buyers and to showcase North Dakota products and services.

Trade missions and reverse missions are a cost-effective way to develop customers and business partners in high-demand markets.

Your business opportunities are qualified before you commit to participating in our trade missions. Our trade missions are results driven and only companies with significant opportunities participate.

Trade mission develop requires months of pre planning that includes market analysis to:

  • Identify business opportunities and challenges
  • Screen and recruit best suited, potential customers
  • Identify qualified distributors and other potential business partners

We coordinate all aspects of our trade missions – a turnkey approach – so that our company reps can focus solely on advancing their business opportunities. Trade mission management includes:

  • Scheduling your business meetings
  • Scheduling hotel stays and in-country, group transportation
  • Developing business tours and other events that connect you with potential customers and with government officials who can help facilitate your business opportunities

A Trade Office membership covers the participation fees for one out-bound trade mission and one reverse trade mission.

International Business Consulting

Trade Office staff and our network of International Business Resource (IBR) providers are committed to providing the assistance you need throughout the export process.

Our account managers and our network of global business professionals are available to provide expertise throughout the export process. Our service areas include:

  • Access to growth capital
  • Developing a market strategy
  • Export process consultations
  • Shipping/logistics consultations
  • Developing letters of credit
  • Business contracts
  • Export and Import regulations and requirements
  • Tax strategies for exporters
Export Management

From the beginning steps of developing an export strategy to shipping, the Trade Office can help you every step along the way. Our account managers are available for short-term consultations or extended export project assistance.

The Trade Office, in conjunction with North Dakota State University, also manages the Export Assistant Program to place talented graduate students in export companies that need assistance in moving their global business forward.

Export assistants are not company employees. Participating companies are not responsible for payroll or VISA requirements.

International Business Resource Network

Emerging and experience exporters have access to the Trade Office’s network of proven international business resource providers – private industry professionals who are dedicated to expanding North Dakota’s global reach and assist exporters in many areas including: business finance and capital, legal services and transportation logistics.

Your Trade Office membership includes the cost of some services provided by our International Business Resource providers. Included are some legal services for global business development and a customer or business partner match-making service provided by the U.S. Commercial Service.

Contact the Trade Office to learn more about its membership benefits package.

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