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NDTO News Article

Valley Express Offers New Services to ND Exporters and Importers

Valley Express, Inc. announced last week that they have expanded their service offerings to benefit both importers and exporters. The freight management company headquartered in Fargo, along with their international freight transport division Valley Worldwide Logistics Solutions, has added additional transportation features tailored to North Dakota customers.

Valley Worldwide Logistics Solutions is now accepting LCL, “Less than Container Load,” shipments for European and Asian trade lanes. Exporters that need to send smaller quantities of cargo, for example a Fargo company sending 1-2 pallets of samples to an overseas customer, are now able to load their cargo into a container locally. For North Dakota exporters, this means bypassing the costly process of trucking cargo to a larger city and paying their fees to include it in a shipping container.

North Dakota companies lose business when high shipping costs for small quantities of cargo create an unprofitable transaction. Valley Worldwide’s Vice President of Global Markets, Felix Asemota, would like to let North Dakota businesses know that they can avoid these types of situations. “What we are saying to the export community is that we will put it together for you and save you money,” says Asemota. “You don’t have to sell one full container in order to sell your product outside of North Dakota.”

According to Asemota, this ability to cost-effectively accept LCL shipments is due to an increase in volume. Valley Worldwide also has representatives in Asia and Europe to facilitate these shipments. Valley’s Asian representatives work out of the Chinese cities of Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. European representatives are located in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy.

Valley Express is also now a U.S. Customs Bonded Carrier/Trucking group. Valley Express customers importing foreign goods into the U.S. can delay paying customs duties until their merchandise has arrived in North Dakota. This service eliminates the need for out-of-state customs brokers to clear the goods before their final destination.

“Our goal with these new developments is to expedite the delivery of cargo and keep business concentrated in North Dakota,” says Asemota.

For more information, please contact Felix Asemota at (701) 281-0521 or or visit