NDTO News Article

Relationship between North Dakota and Ghana Grows

The North Dakota Trade Office executive director Dean Gorder is back from a week in the central African country of Ghana.  The trade mission was based on an invitation by North Dakota’s Adjutant General, Major General David Sprynczynatyk.  While the North Dakota National Guard (NDNG) and the Ghanaian military already have a good working relationship, Major General Sprynczynatyk is looking for assistance in building stronger business connections between the two regions.  

Through the National Guard State Partnership Program, Ghana and North Dakota have been exchanging information since 2003. While the primary relationship has been between the NDNG and Ghana Armed Forces, many others have benefited as well including civilians, educators and disaster-management experts.  The goal now is to expand this relationship commercially.

The U.S. and Ghana are currently doing business together.  The U.S. is a principal trading partner with the African country and several major U.S. companies are operating there including Cargill, 3M, FedEx and UPS.  But Gorder says there are many more opportunities in the country for North Dakota businesses right now. 

To tap into those opportunities, Praxis Strategy Group and AdFarm have partnered to form Praxis Africa, an enterprise that is focused on identifying and developing opportunities in the Ghanaian agricultural sector.  They have launched a new national farm show and an agricultural-focused multi-media platform.

The National Food and Agriculture Show (FAGRO) and Farm Channel share a common goal – to support Ghana’s rapidly growing agricultural sector with modern production practices that are low cost and environmentally sustainable.  While the FAGRO Show will enable agricultural suppliers to showcase their products, Farm Channel uses media to promote Ghana’s extension services and provide information to farmers.  The plan is to reach millions of farmers and farm villages using television shows, mobile content, radio programs, internet publications and live events.

FAGRO 2011 will be October 7-16 in Accra, Ghana.  FAGRO 2010 saw the participation of groups from countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.  Event organizers estimate more than 12,500 farmers visited FAGRO 2010.  This year’s show will include farm machinery and equipment, agricultural inputs, farm and agribusiness services, agricultural commodities and value-added products.

Companies interesting in learning more about the FAGRO 2011 show should contact the North Dakota Trade Office at (701) 231-1150.