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NDTO News Article

Participate in the Upcoming Nordic Trade Mission

If you’ve considered taking part in the upcoming Nordic trade mission now is the time to commit.    The North Dakota Trade Office, US Commercial Service and the North Dakota Department of Agriculture will lead companies to the Nordic countries October 10-15, 2011. 

Heather Ranck, International Trade Specialist with U.S. Commercial Service says there has been a lot of interest.   “People with Scandinavian heritage are intrigued.  We are going to places they’ve heard of growing up and now have the opportunity to go there and do business.”    Ranck says she got a lot of initial interest, especially after the NDTO Global Business Conference, and is working on market research for six companies on the commercial side.  “What we’ve learned is research is the crucial element to a successful trade mission.”  Now is the time to sign up and get the research done.   That research will determine whether or not a company’s product or service has a client base in the Nordic countries.  Ranck says initial research shows that some of the commercial products and services that will do well in the Nordic countries include: consumer products, luxury or high end building products, medical equipment, marine products, education, tourism, health products, cold weather products and items for outdoor living.  The economy is strong in the Nordic countries, especially Norway.  Ranck says because of Norway’s vast supply of off-shore oil the recession did not hit Norway like it did other parts of the world, and people there have more disposable income. 

Stephanie Sinner, Farmers Markets & International Trade Specialist with the Department of Ag, says while plans and research for the trip are moving along, there is still time for companies to sign up.   “Our research is finding the Nordics are strong, stable importers.  They are not looking for brief opportunities, but an ongoing business relationship.  Getting involved in the Nordics would be a great opportunity for ND exporters .” added Sinner.  On the food side, Sinner says companies that specialize in food ingredients may especially benefit from the trade mission.

While planning for the mission is in full swing, there is still time for interested companies to sign up and get the initial market research conducted.  If you’re interested in taking part in the Nordic trade mission call NDTO Director of Global Business Development Sharon May at 701-231-1158 or;  Heather Ranck at 701-239-5080 or; or Stephanie Sinner at 701-239-7211 or to begin the initial market checks.