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Open Letter to Exporters from North Dakota Port Services

From Ashley Ritteman, Director of Sales & Marketing, ND Port Services, Inc.

As you might know, North Dakota Port Services has spent the past year working toward turning the Minot, ND intermodal ramp into a true container yard (“CY”).  This model change will allow shippers to book import/export freight with any number of great NVOCC’s, 3PL’s, freight forwarders, and ocean carriers directly.

It has been a long process, but we believe that we are beginning to see the light at the end of this tunnel; which in your case, equates to having containers once again available for export in Minot.  Future intermodal operations will be on a unit train basis, making for more efficient economics and an all-around sustainable program. We have an ocean carrier that has quoted competitive import rates, and our importers are ready to pull the trigger on bookings, but this carrier would like proof of export volumes before bringing a unit train of containers into Minot, ND.

The carrier has asked me to reach out to our exporters for annual volume potentials to be exported through Minot. I will then report these volumes back to the carrier, along with your contact info, and the carrier will be contacting you. In the future, NDPS will not be in the middle of your conversations with carriers, but for the sake of re-starting this program, it is the carriers request that we assist with this process. So, what do we need from you?

If you could fill out the below info and send it back to me, I will be happy to forward your information on to the carrier. I understand that some of you might not know your annual volume potential via Minot as you are sourcing grain from origins around the world, so for you, this email is for informational purposes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the number below.

Company/Contact Info
Company Name:
Contact Name:
Contact Email:
Contact Phone#:

Export Potential
Equipment Required (i.e. 20’, 40’, 40’HC):
Annual Volume:
Common Destination(s):

Thank you!

Ashley Ritteman
Director of Sales & Marketing
North Dakota Port Services, Inc.
P O Box 1236 | Minot, ND 58702-1236
Phone: 701-818-7190| Fax: 701-838-5045