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NDTO News Article

North Dakota Exports Rebound in 2017

North Dakota’s exports have rebounded significantly in the first quarter of 2017, with a 58% increase in exports over the same period in 2016. Marked increases include commodities such as wheat, crude oil, agricultural machinery and specialty crops.

Crude oil exports more than doubled this past quarter, up 145% from $221 million to $542 million. Over $24 million of tillage seeders and planters have been sold into Canada this past quarter, whereas that number in 2016 was zero.  Additional increases were seeders and harrows to Russia, which more than doubled to $2.7 million and harvesting machinery to Australia, which jumped to $11 million. A new market for harvesting machinery opened up with $686,000 sold to Zimbabwe.

Tractor sales have increased over 70% in the first quarter to $64 million, with most of that increase going into Canada. Wheat has nearly doubled with large increases to Algeria, Brazil and Ghana. Legumes are up 5%, soybeans are up 30% and flaxseed is up 73%.

The rise in North Dakota’s exports this past quarter has brought North Dakota from the 42nd largest exporter in 2016 to the 39th largest exporter out of 50 states. North Dakota is also second in the nation for growth percentage. Nationally, the average growth percentage was seven percent.