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NDTO Member Profile: CropNutrients4U

CropNutrients4U sprung from one man’s curiosity on how to grow a superb organic crop. After years of personal study, owner Dan Juneau settled on using two components – lithovit and mycorrhiza – to increase the health and size of plants naturally.

While working at a sugar plant in the 1980’s, Juneau took notice of the varied farming practices in Europe. He observed an emphasis on organic farming, and wondered how the Europeans seemed to grow a superb product without using chemicals. The answer was the catalyst to starting his own company, CropNutrients4U.

After conducting research and drawing on his own experience growing up on a farm, Juneau began importing lithovit from Germany. Lithovit is a micro fine calcium carbonate that speeds up photosynthesis. It effectively energizes the plant and accelerates growth. According to Juneau, plants treated with lithovit have an increased sugar content, making them undesirable to insects, which cannot digest such sugar levels.

The lithovit works two fold with the mycorrhiza product. Mycorrhiza is the mutually beneficial relationship between a fungus and a plant’s roots. Mycorrhizal fungi increase the surface area of the roots, allowing them to go deeper to access water, as well as dissolve nutrients that are otherwise difficult to absorb. CropNutrients4U sells both the lithovit and mycorrhiza product within several varieties of applications that Juneau will help a farmer select based on the soil and problems they’re encountering.

Juneau says it’s best to use the products when crops are in a young stage so that “you don’t need pesticide or insecticide and keep things as natural as possible.” CropNutrients4U attracts many new customers during dry years, when crop roots need to go deeper in order to survive. Juneau says customers will often see the results and want to use the products every year in order to ensure optimum health.

CropNutrients4U is currently exploring export expansion opportunities. The company has the sole right to sell lithovit in the U.S. and Canada. They’re also exploring opportunities in the gardening market, floral industry and greenhouse production. Juneau says his company’s product works on any crop or plant – household or otherwise. CropNutrients4U has taken the approach of limiting the number of products offered in order to focus their expertise on all facets of their products’ applications.

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