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NDTO Member Profile: ComDel Innovation, Inc.

If you are a North Dakota exporter, chances are you have already heard of – or are already working with – ComDel Innovation, Inc.  If you have not learned of ComDel Innovation, often referred to as CDI, you may be missing an opportunity to improve your production and cut vendor costs by integrating aspects of your product development, tooling and manufacturing under one roof.  Located on a 25-acre campus in Wahpeton, ND, CDI offers a variety of services including design and engineering analysis, precision machining and tooling, materials  characterization, injection molding, automation applications and production machining – just to name a few.

Services Designed to Fit Your Business

While the list of capabilities and services provided by ComDel is almost endless (to view the extended menu, click here), main technologies include:

  • Engineering Resources
  • Product and Mold Design
  • Equipment and Mold Fabrication
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Metal Stamping
  • Automated Assembly
  • Metal Finishing (anodizing and zinc plating)
  • Thread Rolling
  • Wire Forming
  • ROCTOOL Molding Technologies

“ComDel Innovation engages with customers at any point from product concept to mature design and supports manufacturing from scale-up to high volume production,” said Bruce Weeda, Chief Financial Officer of CDI.  “Our Vision of ‘Commit and Deliver Innovation and results for our customers’ are words we live by each day.”

No matter if your company has been in business for 50 years or if you are a startup, CDI has solutions to streamline your manufacturing process and world-class technology to improve your product.  Regardless of your industry, size or location, CDI is equipped to meet your company’s quality, cost and service needs on a short run as well as for high-volume production.

Solutions for Any Industry

CDI provides parts and services to some of the most-trusted industrial consumer goods manufacturers in the world. Another widely-serviced industry at CDI is aerospace.  The company is a supplier to UTC Aerospace Systems, one of the world’s largest suppliers of advanced aerospace and defense products.  CDI provides parts to the UTC Aerospace campus in Jamestown, ND, for their airplane cargo systems.

“ComDel Innovation was introduced to United Technologies Corporation in 2007 by Paul Lucy from the North Dakota Economic Development office,” said Brent Harris of UTC Aerospace Systems in Jamestown.  “Since that time, the relationship has flourished and CDI has developed into a consistent supplier of high-quality aerospace components.”

While only a small portion of CDI’s output is directly exported – less than 10 percent – the company works with exporters from around the state and the nation.  CDI and Heartland Precision partner with companies sending aerospace parts to India, agriculture equipment to Canada and data storage devices to Mexico and Eastern Europe.  In a globally-competitive marketplace, CDI is committed to providing world-class technology to help your company stand out amongst the competition.

While CDI works with global companies, no project is too small for the Wahpeton team.  If your product hasn’t even sold its first widget, CDI can still help. With a department of skilled engineers, CDI can assist your startup company in developing a prototype and bringing your idea to life.

A Rich Midwest History

Although CDI has been in operation for less than 10 years, the company is built out of the strong legacy in technology that was created by 3M Corporation over 50 years ago.    While IBM was busy developing the modern-day computer, they turned to the data storage division of 3M, which later became Imation, to create data storage systems.  In 1977, 3M built a campus in Wahpeton to manufacture data recording products.  The 3M/Imation campus employed nearly 400 people until the rapidly-declining diskette market forces the campus to close in late 2008.

Three Imation employees set out to preserve the company’s legacy, and save jobs in Wahpeton, by developing ComDel Innovation, Inc.  In 2008 the company began with 65 employees and 12 customers; today, CDI services more than 120 clients and employs more than 200 people.

CDI encompasses the qualities that make our state a ‘go-to’ for companies around the world:  cutting-edge, high quality products with the commitment to old-fashioned, North Dakota service.

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