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Member Profile: Swanson Health Products

Swanson Health Products (SHP) will soon become a household name, not only in the US but internationally, says Chase Bischof, a Sales and Marketing Analyst at SHP. With their increasing brand recognition for their excellent products and health-conscious consumers on the rise, the business is growing quickly. SHP started back in the 1960s with Leland Swanson, who was experiencing arthritis pain during his golf game. Through much research and success with supplements himself, he was eager to share what he had learned. And so, Swanson Health Products was born. It was originally a catalog and mail order business. Now, it includes a large warehouse, office headquarters, and the company’s only retail store, all based in Fargo, ND. They have also expanded with other warehouses and processing facilities strategically located across the US.

The company has been a local provider for health and wellness goods for more than 50 years, focusing on providing quality, science-supported, and affordable products. With these fundamentals established, the brand has grown beyond ND with a solid footing in the US and expanding further.
SHP is growing internationally, explains Bischof, “it began in response to a wide variety of international retailers looking for high-quality and affordable US brands in their local markets.” SHP has a strong international presence already, with authorized distributors serving more than 40 countries worldwide. With this increase in international interest, “we have embarked on a journey to partner with both traditional distributors and with larger, expert supply chains with sophisticated and efficient partners to reach many more global consumers,” explains Bischof.

Working internationally always comes with challenges.“But something Swanson does well, especially with our international clients, is to listen. They know their market best, and we want to provide them the resources they need to succeed. Listening to their needs becomes a huge part of everyone’s success,” says Bischof. Keeping the message clear and “crisp” is also a strength that has done SHP well throughout its business expansion. Keeping true to offering pure and potent health products at a great value and keeping that message consistent has increased their brand recognition and consumer trust.

As the pandemic continues, many consumers have become increasingly health-conscious, which has been good news for companies like SHP, who want to provide goods that support a variety of healthy lifestyles. And as supply chains and shipping situations are improving, the efficiency to get goods overseas is only increasing.

SHP most recently completed a Swanson Cares charity golf event this August, which raised funds to support a variety of local nonprofits. The Swanson Cares program was built as the nonprofit arm for SHP to support healthier communities initiative. The donations have gone to Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center, and the YWCA in the Fargo-Moorhead community.

The company is also proud to host an upcoming District Export Council meeting for ND/MN area. The event includes ND Senator Hoeven and MN Senator Klobuchar, who will discuss the exporting environment throughout the region and how to improve and expand borders and market opportunities for many local businesses.

Continuing to maintain SHP’s community footing along with their goals for global expansion of their products seems to be second nature to their loyal and hard-working staff. Consistency through the generations and keeping true to their passion for quality health-oriented products at a great value has done the company well. As SHP looks to the future of becoming a household name, it seems they are well on their way.