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Member Profile: NOMAD Ag Solutions, The Virtual Vet & NOMAD Express

For five years, Andrew Venton spent more than 250 days per year traveling for international sales.  At nearly every agricultural trade show and event around the world, Venton saw the same company representatives – each of them having spent thousands of dollars to promote their product at that show.  In 2014, Venton, with the valued support of RDO Equipment, developed an international representative solution called NOMAD Ag Solutions to help these agricultural companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on their export development programs, not to mention months of time.  Then, Venton took his ‘ease-of-exporting’ mission two steps further, first by developing an entity which uses virtual technology to connect sellers with buyers overseas, then by giving global sellers a home base in Alexandria, Minnesota to provide office facilities, store, demo, assemble and retail their products.

What can your company gain from working with NOMAD Ag Solutions, Virtual Vet, Virtual Technician or NOMAD Express?  Check out the breakdown of each company below to find out, or visit

NOMAD Ag SolutionsNOMAD Ag Solutions

NOMAD Ag Solutions offers sales and marketing solutions for the import and export of agricultural products.  Members of the NOMAD sales team can help farmers, manufacturers and service providers sell and source products – both domestically and internationally.

NOMAD Ag understands that each company has different international business needs, which is why NOMAD offers a variety of services through membership, or via tailored ‘NOMAD Sprint’ projects.

NOMAD services include:

  • Dedicated phone lines with a call/answering service in your company name
  • Receiving, warehousing and distribution of inbound containers from our International partners
  • Assembly of machinery and freight to onward locations
  • Personalized dealer days onsite showcasing your equipment at the relevant time of year
  • Representatives, sales agents and distributors offering a physical presence in the local market and putting your products in front of buyers daily
  • Dedicated web presence on the NOMAD Ag Solutions Website
  • Web Development, Rebranding, Translation, Promotional Assistance and custom marketing planning
  • Parts, service and warranty management, including fulfillment
  • Technology-driven support with live D-tech capabilities and parts shipment direct to your customer
  • The organization and fulfilment of trade shows and other events
  • One-off market research and marketing reports
  • Monthly activity reports for retained clients
  • Escorted tours and countrywide reviews, including shows, expos, accommodation and transportation
  • Contract manufacturing and product evaluations
  • Shipping, Documentation and Certification assistance
  • Legal and Accountancy advice in North America and Europe, including company formation

Not sure if hiring an international marketing representative fits your needs?  NOMAD Ag will let you trial their services with the ‘NOMAD Sprint’ package.  The ‘NOMAD Sprint’ is a six to eight week program in which NOMAD researches and develops a marketing plan for your company in a specific country.  The NOMAD Sprint provides leads and customer contact and concludes with a presentation on the viability of the market.  Once the Sprint is completed, the information provided by NOMAD is owned by your company.  From that point, you can choose to pursue the leads on your own or hire NOMAD to put in the man hours on your behalf.

NOMAD Virtual VetThe Virtual Vet & Technician

The NOMAD team knows that international business relationships don’t stop once sales have been made.  When your product – whether it’s a shipment of machinery or cattle – arrives overseas, your buyer will likely need technical support, have service questions or may even require extensive training to make your product successful in their market.  The Virtual Vet and Virtual Technician allow you to give ‘hands-on’ support to your buyer remotely, without the need for constant overseas travel.

The Virtual Vet and Technician will let you connect with your end user, live, using the latest video and voice technology.  Each of these virtual solutions are designed to fit your industry.

Scott Gladish, the CEO of Virtual Vet, along with Venton, currently have an ongoing program with North Dakota State University and Missouri Valley Vet Clinic of Bismarck, ND, to train and assist livestock owners in Kazakhstan that have recently purchased cattle from North Dakota.  With the help of Virtual Vet, our livestock exporters are ensuring the success of North Dakota cattle in Kazakhstan.

In addition to this project, NOMAD Virtual Vet and Stockmen’s Supply are also working together in Kazakhstan.  Andrew Venton describes the relationship:

Our combined Mission is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and best practices for supply and equipment for production Animal Management to our International Veterinarian Network partners.

NOMAD Virtual Vet and Stockmen’s Supply are focused on opening our first International opportunities in Kazakhstan with our Kazakhstan business partner and 15-20 of Kazakhstan’s elite veterinarians connected to our US-based leadership team.

We will be introducing a comprehensive International support program called “Stockmen’s Certified” that will include: US based training seminars, cattle sales and marketing, veterinarians services, continuing education and consultation, modern communication and livestock technology adoption, vaccines and general supplies sales.

NOMAD ExpressNOMAD Express

Beyond online sales and virtual support, NOMAD offers a physical location to better serve customers with offices, warehousing, manufacturing and distribution through NOMAD Express.  In North America, NOMAD Express is headquartered in Alexandria, MN; NOMAD Express European partners hold an office in the United Kingdom, which serves the EU.

NOMAD Express North America gives international sellers a ‘home base’ in America.  Located just off Interstate-94 in Alexandria, NOMAD Express receives containers, assembles and stores equipment, retails product and conducts demos.  NOMAD has 2,000 sq. ft. of storage and an additional 2,000 sq. ft. of retail space from which product is continually moving.  With over an acre of lot to display larger equipment, and seven acres on land for training, demos and dealer days, there is something for everyone at the NOMAD Express location.

For American exporters with interest in the European market, NOMAD partners welcome shipments and are ready to assemble your product and retail it on your behalf.

Working with NOMAD and Virtual Vet

Venton and his team have years of experience in international agribusiness and are dedicated to providing cost-effective business solutions to non-competing agriculture companies.  To learn more about these services,

Email:  Andrew Venton –