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A Look Back at 2014 & The Road Ahead

In 2014, NDTO, with our member companies, traveled to 12 countries to promote North Dakota products and services and hosted buyers from 17 countries.  We took the state’s first official trade missions to Croatia and Ghana, traveled once again to Kazakhstan, Canada and Korea, and hosted our third annual trade event in China.  These initiatives, along with our ongoing educational programming, networking events, and advocacy in the areas of free trade and improved transportation, has made for a busy 2014 – and we don’t plan to slow the pace in 2015!

The Road Ahead

In 2015, NDTO and our members plan to open new markets, strengthen existing trade relationships and increase the caliber of our popular educational programs and trade talks.  Scheduled events include the following:

Outbound Trade Missions

The following are markets that are being researched for proposed trade missions.

Reverse Trade Missions

  • Colombia
  • SouthEast Asia
  • China
  • Kazakhstan
  • South Korea

International Education Events

  • 3rd Annual North Dakota ‘Better For You Foods’ Conference and Exhibition, Xindao, China
    • This event gives North Dakota value-added food exporters the opportunity to demonstrate their high-quality products to Chinese buyers, food producers and research and development specialists, on the ground in China.

To learn more, click here:  http://ndto.com/2013/03/press-release-nd-showcases-high-quality-food-ingredients-at-china-conference/

Networking Events

  • North Dakota International Business Awards, Spring 2015
  • Big Iron International Visitor’s Program, September 14-17, 2015

Interested in exploring a new market or tackling an educational topic that is not on this list?  Email brittany@ndto.com with your suggestions or call the NDTO Team at (701) 231-1150.

A Look Back at 2014

Our North Dakota exporters and international business resources have been busy in the past 12 months.  While geopolitical issues and crop prices haven’t made it the easiest year for global business, our exporters have weathered the storm and continue to be successful.  Below are some of the initiatives that were led by NDTO.

Trade Missions

  • Ghana Trade Mission – January 2014
  • Russia Trade Mission – January 2014
  • Philippines & Singapore Trade Mission – February 2014
  • Kyrgyzstan Trade Mission – May 2014
  • Eastern Canada Trade Mission – June 2014
  • Canadian Farm Progress Show – June 2014
  • South Korea Targeted Sales Trip – June 2014
  • China Reverse Trade Mission – August 2014
  • Kazakhstan Livestock Reverse Trade Mission – August 2014
  • Philippines & Singapore Reverse Trade Mission – September 2014
  • Korea Targeted Reverse Trade Trip – October 2014
  • KazAgro Farm Show – October 2014
  • Italy & Croatia Trade Mission – November 2014
  • Algeria Targeted Sales Trip – November 2014

Educational Events

  • The State of the Global Economy
  • R&D Tax Credit Webinar
  • IC-DISC Webinar
  • The Role of Leadership in an Integrate Trade Compliance Strategy
  • HACCP Training (Dakota Global)
  • Navigating NAFTA
  • Classification Training for Export
  • Kompass Webinar
  • AtoZ World Trade Webinar
  • Managing Exports
  • Marine Insurance – Strategies for Improved Claim Settlement
  • Business Opportunities in Singapore
  • How to Design & Architect Search-Engine Friendly Websites

Networking Events

  • Global Business Connections & North Dakota International Business Awards 2014
  • Big Iron 2014
    • North Dakota hosted 75 visitors from the following countries:
      • China, Denmark, Ethiopia, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Mexico, Mongolia, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Zambia

Other Initiatives

North Dakota and the Province of Shandong, China, signed a sister-state agreement in February 2014, which focuses on strengthening a mutually-beneficial relationship in the areas of agriculture, aviation, education, energy and technology.

Due to ongoing intermodal transportation issues in North Dakota, NDTO was appointed to focus efforts on assessing these issues by developing the North Dakota Intermodal Initiative – a group of transportation stakeholders appointed to tackle these issues in our area.

If you have any questions about the NDTO initiatives mentioned in this article, please email info@ndto.com or call (701) 231-1150.