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NDTO News Article

International Market Research Covered by STEP grant

If you’re looking for a new way to find target markets and potential buyers for your small business, look no further. NDTO’s STEP program now reimburses costs for international market research provided by the U.S Commercial Service-ND office’s RAISE program.

The Rural America’s Intelligence Service for Exporters (RAISE) program is a nine-step process that produces a worldwide market comparison matrix based on your company’s products and preferences. The matrix highlights the top countries with the best potential for your product, and from these your company chooses the countries where buyers, competitors, market players, industry trends and live prospects will be identified. Finally, a strategy is developed to tackle one or several of the top markets.

The NDTO’s STEP program covers up to 75% of RAISE fees, which start at $495. The STEP program is funded in part through a grant from the Small Business Administration and is designed to assist small businesses in growing their international exports. For more information on STEP and to apply for reimbursement for RAISE program research, please visit To get started with RAISE, please visit