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Importing and Exporting 101

Both importing and exporting basics will be the focus at upcoming educational sessions hosted by the North Dakota Trade Office. At this year’s Global Business Connections Conference, Bonnie Anderson, owner of WTH International, will offer Exporting 101, a course on finding markets, export regulations and getting paid. Meanwhile trade and compliance expert Suzanne Richer will present Importing 101, a training session on the basics of logistics, customs compliance and payment for products from foreign markets. Richer will also introduce a financial benefit for companies that both import and export.

Importing 101 facilitator Suzanne Richer is the director of trade advisory practice for Amber Road, a provider of cloud-based global trade management solutions. She’s also a licensed customs broker, conducted over 3,000 hours of training and authored 12 books on trade.

Her company, Amber Road, touts the benefits of using the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) duty drawback program. The drawback program offers a refund of the duties paid on imported goods that are either exported or destroyed within a certain timeframe. It’s an involved and lengthy process according to CBP, but can be well worth it. Richer’s blog boasts of a company that saved $1.3 million as a result of the drawback program.

Exporting 101 leader and WTH International owner Bonnie Anderson has over five decades of international trade experience. She has a background in international contracts, traffic/logistics, offshore procurement, program management and import/export trade compliance. Her experience comes from the employ of several high technology manufacturing companies including 10 years with a military defense contractor.

Anderson opened WTH International in 2007, offering international trade compliance consulting and education services to companies both large and small.

Whether you’re new to import/export, would like a refresher course, or added a new employee to the department, join us as two seasoned professionals share their vast knowledge and experience in international trade and compliance.

Importing 101 and Exporting 101 will both take place from 1-5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at the Global Business Connections Conference in Fargo. Registration is available here.