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NDTO News Article

Export Management Course Expands to Jamestown College

The North Dakota Trade Office will be bringing the Export Management Course to Jamestown College in Fall 2012.  The 12-week educational course offered to students and business professionals covers all key areas of the export industry and gives participants practical knowledge to help avoid the common – and not-so-common – missteps that can create regulatory headaches and strip companies of customers and profits.  The course, which is also held at UND in the fall and NDSU during the spring semesters, will begin in Jamestown on August 28.

The Export Management Course is designed to offer a hands-on approach to learning the fundamentals of managing an export business. Courses are taught by prominent and experienced business managers in our region from all key industries involved in exporting.  Regional experts include freight forwarders, global branding experts, international bankers and lawyers, amongst others.

For professionals currently involved in exporting, the course offers an opportunity to further perfect a company’s current export process or expand into a new market.

“Just when you think you have a good export process from market identification to completing the sale and delivery of goods and receiving payment, there is always something that could be improved,” said Matt Breker, Manager of International Sales at SEEDS 2000.  “The course helped me understand the array of service companies and information available to U.S. exporters.”

All participants who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Export Management.  New-to-export companies will leave with the tools to create an action plan for managing their own export business.  Regardless of experience, the course has something to offer anyone who is interested in exporting.

“For companies not currently exporting, the course is an excellent first step for companies to begin to understand the where and how to export their products.  For companies currently exporting, it is a great a great refresher and makes you think about your current export business, as the export world is continually changing one way or another,” Breker said.

For college students, the course offers a unique opportunity to learn about global business side-by-side with professionals.  Student attendees assist a local company in researching a new international market and help develop an export plan for that market.

“We believe the Export Management Course will give our students a new opportunity to learn about doing business in a global environment from those in the trenches – those who do it every day,” said Vicki Greshik, Chair of the Department of Business, Accounting, and Economics at Jamestown College.  “The opportunity to learn from an applied perspective will really help our students gain practical experience from experts in the field. The opportunity to work with a real business project will be absolutely invaluable. “

For more information about the Export Management Course, or to register, contact Lindsey Warner at  Registration for the UND Export Management Course, which also begins in August, is available.