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NDTO News Article

Boost your Business with an Export Assistant

The North Dakota Trade Office currently has openings available for companies that would like to be matched with an export assistant. An export assistant is a talented NDSU graduate student that is seeking real-world experience at a company doing international business. Companies that employ export assistants gain a skilled team member in areas such as sales, logistics, accounting and computer science. The company may specify the skills, language and experience desired, and NDTO and NDSU will recruit accordingly.

Since 2006, the NDTO has identified, screened and placed graduate students, who are often international students, within North Dakota businesses looking to expand their global business opportunities.

North Dakota companies employ export assistants as a strategy to bring additional experience, country expertise and foreign language skills into their business. The program benefits the students as well as they receive a tuition waiver and intern wages from the company.

Export Assistants may work up to 20 hours per week during the school year and up to 40 hours per week when school is not in session. Students may work remotely if the company is not in the Fargo area.

The Export Assistant program has been highly successful with students hailing from countries near and far lauded for their contributions to the North Dakota workforce. The Export Assistant Program is open to all NDTO members.

For more information or if your company is interested in utilizing an export assistant, please visit or contact