Big Iron IVP Participating Company Introductions

Big Iron IVP Featured ND Companies 2022

Amity Technologies

Andrew Dahl, Business Development Manager

Phone: +1 701.232.4199


Amity Technology provides products on the leading edge of agricultural technology – all to help producers cut costs and increase yields. Besides its long history in developing proven air seeding equipment, Amity also manufactures a superior line of sugar beet equipment. The company also manufactures and distributes soil sampling equipment, plus provides crop management tools to boost farmers’ fertility, soil management, seeding and other practices. Amity products are distributed throughout the world, with the company’s research, development, manufacturing and headquarters in Fargo, N.D.

Crary Industries

Nick Chiodo, Marketing Manager

Phone: +1 701.499.5995


Big Iron Booth: 1406, 1407

Crary® Industries has been manufacturing equipment for over 40 years. Located in West Fargo, ND, it started with the two owners and two employees in a 6000 square foot building with limited resources. Fast forward to present day and it serves and manufactures products for the agricultural, outdoor power equipment and marine industries in a sprawling 200,000 square foot facility. Its primary brands are Crary Ag, LOCKWOOD® and Crary Bear Cat®.

Dyna Flo

Ryan Rosendahl, Vice President

Phone: +1 701.799. 4310


Dyna Flo, Inc. manufactures pumps for moving water. We build a PTO driven water pump that can be used for Irrigation, Flood protection and Water Management. We build an electric Lift Pump that can be used for Irrigation, Flood protection and water management.

RDO Equipment Company

Sommer Solowold, International Business Manager

Phone: +1 701. 318.1673


Cesar Mesones, South American Business Manager

Troy Kind, General Manager- Strategic Accounts

RDO Equipment company is one of the largest John Deere dealers in the USA and has expanded globally with partners located in Africa, Mexico, Ukraine and Australia. With a diverse selection of agriculture and construction machines ranging from less than 200 to more than 10,000 hours, RDO can work with any budget and get quality pre-owned equipment, as well as parts, to any customer worldwide. RDO does more than prepare all documentation and ensures shipments arrive safely, ready for assembly. Our knowledgeable and experienced global team offers peace of mind and assurance throughout the entire process.


Matthew Faul, President

Phone: +1 701.205.1485


Big Iron Booth: W37, W38

Red E is a premium aftermarket ag parts manufacturer and distributor focused on quality, service, and integrity. Red E provides performance solutions for a variety of air seeding, planter, and tillage equipment around the world.

Reinke Manufacturing Company

Reinke Big Iron Introduction Slides

Dirk Monk, International Technical Sales

Phone: +1 402.365.7251

Reinke Manufacturing has always been a pioneer in the irrigation industry. Many of our innovations have become standards for the irrigation industry throughout the world. Reinke offers irrigation equipment, including pivots, lateral move, and corner arm machines.  

Summers Manufacturing

Matt Volkmar, Director of Sales and Marketing

Phone: +1 507.250.0045


Big Iron Booth: 320-323, 420-423

Summers Manufacturing was founded in 1965 by Harley Summers. Today, we’re a 100-percent employee owned company. That means every employee has a stake in the company’s success. As a result, our focus is solely on our customer – not on shareholders. And it’s everybody’s personal endeavor to develop Field Tested Tough equipment that’s better than anything else you’ll find. Summers manufactures tillage equipment, land rollers, application products, mounted attachments and rock removal equipment.

Superior Grain Equipment

Jon Engelstad, Senior International Sales & Technical Manager

Phone: +1 701.541.3589


Big Iron Booth: 506

Superior offers a complete line of grain storage, handling and conditioning equipment suitable for commercial facilities and farm operations. In addition we offer site design capabilities to help you visualize and build the best solution for your space and needs. With some of the strongest warranties in the industry, we are committed to providing superior equipment that can be relied on for generations.

Titan Machinery

Tom Wollin, Inside Sales Representative

Phone: +1 218.689.1577


Don Aberle, Senior Manager

Phone: +1 701.830.8007


Titan Machinery was founded in 1980 on the principle of serving customers better through growth–Turning the purchasing power, equipment and parts inventories, parts and service expertise, industry know-how, and local commitment of two stores into our customers’ advantage. Today, Titan has over one hundred full-service agricultural and construction equipment dealer locations in North America and Europe, bringing the benefit of our global scope and scale to local customers who feed and build our world.

Total Ag Industries

Eric Muller, Shop Manager


Pat Muller started farming more than 30 years ago on his family farm outside of Hillsboro, North Dakota, producing primarily small grains, corn, and beans. In 1997, Muller, along with Dan Linden, started setting up equipment for local ag equipment dealerships and Wil-Rich® and Total Ag Industries was born.

Farmers wanted fertilizer kits for their planters and Total Ag started installing them when setting up planters. Since that time, Total Ag has grown to more than 30 employees and a state-of-the-art facility in Hillsboro’s industrial park. Total Ag is a leader in total control!

The fully-customized variable rate fertilizer system is the centerpiece of Total Ag Industries’ line up. This system is built for customers according to their operations’ needs in the field. It works with a variety of planting and seeding, tillage, and sideressing equipment. The variable rate fertilizer system provides total control in the field for better yields, less waste, and more profit.

WCCO Belting

Carter Pedersen, Marketing Information and Governments Relations Specialist

Phone: +1 701.789.1763


Trust WCCO belts to keep you in the field and help maximize your yield. By designing each product according to the operational requirements of a specific application, our belts consistently outperform the industry standard in numerous product segments. This effectively lowers the total cost of ownership for you and your customers. If you are an equipment manufacturer, give us a call to learn what we’re capable of. If you are a grower, WCCO makes replacement parts so you, too, can benefit from our technology. Contact your local dealer or distributor for more information.