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Become an NDTO Export Member

International Market Research: 

  • Access to country and industry specific market reports and statistics.
  • Identify and profile high demand markets for your product or service line.
  • Identify customers and distribution partners.
  • Product research that provides insight into trade requirements.

International Business Networking:

  • Networking Opportunities with trade industry experts.
  • “Trade Talk” seminars on pertinent trade topics.
  • Global Business Connections Conference.
  • Bring together trade industry experts to discuss opportunities, issues, successes, and strategy

International Business Education:

  • Export Management Certificate Course (College Credits Available).
  • Export Tech Courses.

International Trade Mission/Reverse Mission Management:

  • Develop and schedule business meetings, receptions, and trade mission events.
  • Comprehensive logistical arrangements (transportation, venues, lodging).
  • Recruit and qualify key customers, agents, and distributors.
Export Management:  

  • Export Management assistance from Trade Office Experienced staff.
  • Export Assistant Program to place college graduate students to serve in international business apprenticeships.

International Marketing Services:

  • Company promotion on Trade Office’s “Global Export” Site.
  • Access to publicity to share success stories.
  • Event catalogs and guides.
  • Translation referral service.

International Business Resource:

  • Access to a network of RELIABLE international business resources.
  • Access to growth capital.
  • Access to export financial expertise and tools.
  • Tax strategies for export business.
  • Access to legal services with experience international firms.
  • Export process consultation.

International Business Advocacy:

  • Access to Grant Opportunities and Economic Development Alerts.
  • Access Trade Office’s relationships with state and federal lawmakers, agencies, and organizations that support improvements to international trade, tax laws, and other issues.

Services fitting trade expansion needs:

The services listed are a direct result of feedback provided by exporters in statewide research conducted by the North Dakota Trade Office.  Qualified exporters and International Business Resources have been recruited and are now partners in this collaborative effort.  Both groups indicated the need for the services listed above in order to expand trade volume to foreign markets.  These services, now supplied through the North Dakota Trade Office and its collaborative organization, were designed to fit the needs of potential and current members and will continue to evolve as the trade organizations evolve.

To become a member and understand how the North Dakota Trade Office services can benefit your company please contact: North Dakota Trade Office at 701-231-1150 or