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NDTO News Article

A Special Offer to NDTO Members: Reply Before April 25, 2012

The Dakota Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Dakota MEP) is pleased to introduce a new “Innovation Engineering System” to North Dakota Manufacturers  and would like to extend a special offer to qualified North Dakota Trade Office members.

Innovation is defined as the ability to create and execute ideas that matter to the marketplace and or add business value.  Common barriers companies face to innovation is that it takes too long and is too risky.

If your company would like to grow exports by:

  • Increasing speed to market (up to 6x) and decreasing risk (30-80%) in generating new export sales and profits
  • Building  and owning a quantifiable pipeline of ideas with unique market and or business value
  • Fostering a company culture and staff expertise to sustain continuous improvement and innovation

Contact the North Dakota MEP before April 25, 2012.  An application has been submitted to the North Dakota Agricultural Products Utilization Commission (APUC) for public support to help “jump start” this new Innovation Engineering System with a handful companies.  Qualified applicants are those companies that add value to the state’s agricultural products.  If you would like to learn more about this Innovation Engineering System and the APUC opportunity to see if your company qualifies, please contact Richard Johnson (801-541-4719, or ND MEP director Randy Schwartz (701-328-5471,