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Posi Lock Puller

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805 Sunflower Ave
Cooperstown ND 58425

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Tamara Somerville
President of Global Initiatives and Global Alliances

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The POSI LOCK®  line of quality manual gear and  bearing pullers sets the standard for quickness, ease and convenience. POSI LOCK offers a complete line of 2- and 3-jaw pullers ranging from 1- to 40-ton capacity. In addition to the complete line of pullers, accessory items are available, including long jaws for added reach as well as spread and specialty pullers.

With POSI LOCK, it’s strictly a one-man operation. The T-handle and Cage®  control the jaws at all times. This means that opening, closing, locking and aligning of the jaws is all done automatically by simply turning the T-handle.

The exclusive POSI LOCK Safety Cage design, coupled with the power of hydraulic components, provides effortless pulling of gears, bearings, pulleys, sprockets, wheels and other press-fit parts. Ranging in capacity from 5 to 200 tons, POSI LOCK pullers are designed for use in a variety of industries where equipment and machinery pose tough maintenance challenges.

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