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Legume Matrix

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901 14th Ave. SE
Jamestown ND 58401

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Legume Matrix strives to provide the producer with first class service from the time the producer plants his first seed to the time he hauls in his last load of product. The staff at Legume Matrix is always willing to try and help answer any questions that growers might have. Whether it is a question in regards to growing pulse crops or what the markets are doing or you just want to talk “shop” please feel free to call and chat with us. Legume Matrix is able to provide seed, inoculant, chemical and almost any input needed for pulse crop production.

Legume Matrix is currently able to provide the following products:

-Whole Green Peas
-Split Green Peas
-Whole Yellow Peas
-Split Yellow Peas
-Small, Medium, and Large Green Lentils
-Red Lentils
-Decorticated Red and Green Lentils
-Garbanzo Beans (Small, 8mm, 9mm, & 10mm)
-Whole Oat Grotes
-Misc pulse by products for feed

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