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Dakota Growers Pasta

Contact Info:

One Pasta Ave
Carrington ND 58421

(952) 460-7401

Main Contact:

Chuck Boyle

(612) 360-8167
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Dakota Growers Pasta is served at leading national chain restaurants, a reflection of our quality, service and value.

Quality starts with the durum wheat, and that’s why we use only No. 1 Hard Amber Durum Wheat, including varieties that score high for gluten strength. As a result, Dakota Growers Pasta:

  • Significantly resists overcooking and remains al dente longer than pasta made from other classes of wheat.
  • Has longer holding power on steam tables and for reheating.
  • Better shape retention and a brighter amber hue through the cooked stage.
  • A larger al dente “sweet spot” means less waste, greater customer satisfaction and more profit.
  • We offer traditional and custom pasta shapes that are as creative as your recipes. We can help with menu development as well.
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