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BioPro Power

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128 Meadow Lane NW
New London MN 56273

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Truman Homme

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BioPro Power® is an innovator in the renewable energy field using byproducts of agricultural crops as biomass fuels. BioPro Power’s (BPP) focus is development of steam and power generation plants using corn stover as the primary fuel source (multiple fuels capable, to include natural gas). The firm was formed in 2001.

BPP received patent protection* for technologies and processes related to harvesting, baling, storage, management and transportation of corn stover bales through receiving and preparation for combustion, and, ultimately, combustion for steam generation.

*12.10.13 Notice of Allowance for U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 12/946,474 – Title:  Systems and Methods for Managing and Utilizing Excess Corn Residue. (This same patent application is filed and pending in China).

BPP China Projects Development: Working with NDTO, BPP has development agreements with individuals in China for the purpose of developing corn stover-fueled steam and power generation facilities. This green energy solution is appealing where coal burning facilities contribute to significant environmental issues.

BPP’s technology, patents and other intellectual property are available for qualified firms engaged in corn stover combustion for process steam, thermal energy for heating and/or electrical power.  Technology transfer packages may be included with such licenses.


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