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Updates on US-Mexico-Canada Agreement and Trade Dispute with China

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement and the trade dispute with China continue to dominate national and state trade news. Trade relationships with the three nations came under increased scrutiny in early 2017, resulting in tariffs, negotiations and trade officials on all sides hoping for a conclusion in 2019. Here’s the latest on trade agreements with Canada, Mexico and China, and what’s to come.

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Technology & the Changing Global Landscape: 3D Printing

In this series, we examine the impact of the latest technologies on global business. First, we simplified Blockchain and now we’ll discuss 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. Three-dimensional printing has been around since the 1980s but only now is the technology and practice becoming increasingly commonplace. Here we provide a snapshot of what 3D printing is and how it may affect the future of global business.

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World Bank Report – Who’s Making it Easier to Trade Across Borders?

The World Bank released their Doing Business 2019 report in October, which ranks the world’s markets by their number of regulations that enhance or constrain business. The report analyzed the ease of doing business within 190 markets, including a metric on the ease of trading across borders. With respect to trade, here’s a summary of their findings.

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Upcoming Trade Missions 2019

The North Dakota Trade Office is developing multiple trade missions that will take place over the following year. Various industries are targeted throughout 2019, with grant funding available for those that qualify. Below is a list of the trade missions and trade trips currently on the calendar. Continue reading …

NDTO Member Profile: Alloway Standard Industries

Kelly O’Hara of Alloway Standard Industries is a busy guy. If he’s not in the office working as the sole sales manager of Alloway Standard Industries, he’s in the field demonstrating sugar beet equipment or flying to visit dealers and customers in the U.S. and all over the world. He’s in charge of moving Alloway Standard Industries’ sugar beet defoliators, harvesters, row crop cultivators, custom stainless steel equipment and more. But if you told him ten years ago that he’d be working in sales, he’d have thought you were lying.

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Technology & the Changing Global Landscape: What is Blockchain?

In this series, we will examine the impact of the latest technologies on global business. Our first technology is the word many are buzzing about – blockchain. But what is it and why are people so excited?

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Featured STEP ND Activity: Marketing your Company with Virtual Reality

Give international customers a tour of your facility, let them see the crops growing in the field or get an in-depth view of your product — all without travel and language barriers. That is a virtual reality tour. STEP ND is now reimbursing companies up to $3,000 for virtual reality (VR) projects related to international marketing. A virtual reality tour is created by filming your location or product with special cameras and processing the footage into 360° digital media. VR tours are typically accessible via website, an emailed link or social media. By clicking a button, international customers may experience an engaging, interactive tour using a headset and smart phone. It’s an exciting tool to differentiate your company from the competition and build a personal connection with buyers. Apply for STEP ND reimbursement before you begin a VR project by filling out and submitting the STEP ND Company Application and the STEP ND Marketing Application.

A local company currently providing virtual reality services is Be More Colorful, based in Fargo.

NDTO & World Trade News: What You Should Know

The North Dakota Trade Office has been in high gear over the summer as it underwent a strategy and revisioning process in order to best serve the state’s exporters, while also advocating on behalf of our members during this dynamic global trade climate. Since NDTO Newsletters took a brief hiatus during this time, we want to bring you up to date on what’s been happening both in world trade news as well as here at the NDTO.

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Export Assistant Program Relaunches

The North Dakota Trade Office (NDTO) is partnering with North Dakota State University to relaunch the Export Assistant Program, an opportunity for talented graduate students and North Dakota companies to collaborate for mutual benefit. The Export Assistant Program allows an export assistant, who is often an international graduate student, gain valuable real-world experience at a company doing international business. In turn, the company gains a skilled team member with relevant experience and language proficiency. The relaunch of the program includes a stronger partnership between NDTO and NDSU and active recruiting efforts based on companies’ needs.

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Two Funding Options for Export Expansion

The North Dakota Trade Office has two new funding opportunities for exporters that began earlier this week. This year’s State Trade Expansion Program North Dakota (STEP ND 2018) has $247,614 available for small business exporters traveling abroad on sales trips and completing marketing and research activities. The Specialty Crop Program 2018 has $48,995 available for specialty crop exporters to attend individual sales trips to expand their exports of beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils and more. The programs began September 30 and October 1, respectively, and are now accepting applications for funding. Continue reading …

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